Rip Cafe    

Welcome to the Rip Cafe

Come and revel at the one and only Rip Cafe. Our shishas can't be beat, and for all of the non-smokers who smoke, try our 100 perctage tobacco-free natural shisha. You can both loosen up in our important seating place . No depend wherein you become sitting, you're assured to have a superb time.

At Rip cafe Lounge, we strive to seduce our customers with the taste of any other international and this from our elegant hookahs. While only recently starting our doorways, we've fast amassed a glamorous and discerning crowd, who revel in the finer matters in lifestyles.

Rip Cafe Lounge is a one of a type enjoy and the suitable preference that allows you to relax, indulge and unwind in a lively and dynamic ecosystem whilst searching out an area in Gomtinagar. All visitors are immersed inside the plush couches at the same time as experiencing the maximum top class, smoothest tasting Hookahs. Our Shisha lounges are without a doubt the quality within the town!

You will honestly enjoy here !!!!

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