Lucknow Grand Inn    

Welcome to the Lucknow Grand Inn

The Lucknow Grand Inn is perched atop the metropolis, rewarding patrons with unobstructed views of Gomtinagar It's won accolades the city over, many wrote it was "without query, one of the town's most appealing bars." Stunning views apart, the bar's superb cocktails make it a favorite amongst in-the-understand Lucknowites looking to electrify clients or dates. It's similarly proper for each events, however if you're searching out the former, regulars say Lucknow Grand Inn Lounge could be your fortunate ticket. Keep in mind that luxurious like this comes at a fee - you'll locate beverages are poured for a premium, but they are worth of the up-fee

The large eating room at the Lucknow Grand Inn of Lucknow favored upscale market interprets to an accelerated menu. Chef touches to surprising classics, including the a laugh and filling pork belly Wellington. Lucknow Grand Inn serve up the exceptional breakfast in the town. Enjoy objects from conventional eggs and grits cooked simply proper to some of its more whimsical creations, which includes French toast.

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