Cafe Frangipani    

Welcome to the Cafe Frangipani

Cafe Frangipani is a certainly one of it’s kind lake view cafe in Lucknow. Situated by the calm and serene Kathautha Lake in suburban Lucknow, it gives a refreshing smash from the hustle bustle of the metropolis while not having to move too a ways away. On your go to right here, you’ll be welcomed by means of Manisha Aunty, the host who ensures that no person leaves the vicinity while not having found a 2nd domestic here. Amy and Audi, our loved 4 legged companions also welcome you with wagging tails.

Being run by means of a special educator herself, Mrs Manisha Ojha has taken greater care in making sure that our cafe is universally accessible. The cafe changed into hooked up with a vision to establish and preserve art, track and literature in this culturally rich metropolis via website hosting diverse activities proposing neighborhood artists, poets and authors.

The cafe additionally has a dedicated artwork gallery and mini theatre open for bookings. This cafe is an experimental undertaking run by Mr. & Mrs. Ojha who revel in good song, artwork and organisation. Formerly their residence, the location has been remodeled to serve as a restaurant that has a nook for each soul. Their daughter Vijeyata, the architect has designed the spaces to ensure the distance has a active feel to it.

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