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Eating at Amul Cafe, Jankipuram resembles venturing into wonderful Chef home. amul bistro dives profound into the nourishment history and conventions of India and conveys them to Jankipuram, Lucknow with subtlety, regard and masterfulness.

For twenty-six years, Amul Cafe has offered the kind of an eatery that is tucked into the Lucknow. The area offers a casual setting and the open air look, which influences burger joints to disregard their pressure and worries.

Regardless of whether you are making a trip for lunch or supper, our socially improved menu has a lot of choices for you to look over. From our powerful Icecream to our milkshakes, you are certain to discover something that abandons you fulfilled! Snatch a companion or the entire family and go to our exceptional eatery and find the credible tastes made.

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